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I've recently used the new Shortcut feature in OneDrive on the web and now receive the error "Unable to sync shortcut to 'shortcut name'. However, you can access the folder from 'XXXXXX' when using OneDrive for Business Desktop client on Windows. See attached screen shot.


Has anyone experienced this? The error keeps returning even after you have pressed Got it.



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Same here.
It was working for some sharepoint folders at one point, other I couldn't sync the shortcut.
Now it seems all shortcut can't sync except those I created last week.
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@Michael Milad-Said  So there is an error, because

you have synced that with  "Shared with me" . That could be, that you have it done with an higher folder, but you have synced it.  So double sync is not possible.

So you could remove the old sync, and then try the "Add shotcut function" again
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@Hans Brender 

After a few tests this morning, I can confirm that if a folder Sync was activated with any subfolder of the library, a "Add shortcut to OneDrive" will not sync.  It will add the shortcut in your OneDrive cloud interface, but not locally.

If you remove any Sync references to this library and try "Add shortcut to OneDrive" again, it will work.



@Hans Brender , Apologies for the delayed response (I didn't receive any email notification)

I do have that entire Client Group Folder synced so suspect it might be related to the 'double sync'


I'll test syncing with a folder I'm not syncing locally and revert back.




@Hans Brender , just tested and worked as expected.


Nice, clear blog post -


Thanks for your help.


Following up on this one, I have the following issue.


The 'Shared folder shortcut' does not appear in the 'Choose folders' option pane.

Meaning it will sync ALL the files and you cannot select which ones you want to sync or not.


I'm often switching between Mac and Windows on a remote server (Windows 2016)

The 'Files on demand' option is not available on the Windows Server 2016


Any ideas how to fix this? 

@arnaudvdc Thats the diffrence. But With "Add to OneDrive" you may select only part you need to sync:
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Files on Demand comes with Windows 10 1709, and it was not available in Windows Server 2016
Read here.


One possibility to fix that: Update Windows Server 2016 to a higher Version OR
look here


@Hans Brender Thanks for the quick reply and the interesting blog post.


That's what I was guessing was the issue, I know what to do!

Is there a way to ask OneDrive to ignore all shortcuts on the desktop while still backing up the Desktop to OneDrive?

@JimGrisham I have this discussed with the OneDrive Group. Maybe that will implemented:
But right now you only have a change with a Group policy "Exclude specific kinds of files from being uploaded"

Group Policy EN 1.png


Group Policy EN 2.png

Group Policy EN.png