OneDrive client issue with users with same MSA + AAD account introduced in recent versions

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I am tracking an issue that has appeared since OneDrive client version 22.121.0605.0002 and is confirmed to be in 22.141.0703.0002. We set a policy from GP and Intune to silently configure OneDrive for users. If a user has both a MSA and AAD account with same username. With the current version OneDrive is unable to configure and can't be managed manually. After a rollback to older version the autoconfiguration works and then it updates can continues to work after the upgrade. I have filed feedback on this but trying to see who I can get to and have this bug fixed.

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I had the similar experience. The workaround is to delete the "SilentAccountConfig", restart the client and let user sign in manually.

@martinsuma Happy to have confirmation I am not crazy. It is a bug that was recently introduced. Trying to get it fixed as such.