OneDrive client file sharing limitations

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I want to start using OneDrive to share files and folders with my colleagues however I found an article that suggested that there were limitations in terms of file size and the total number of files I can share using the OneDrive client for Windows.


The file size limitation is not a concern, it's mostly small Office documents, but the number of files is definitely significant.


The article I found suggested  that a total of 10,000 files could be shared with colleagues, although I found another article that suggested that the 10,000 limit was the total number of files in the sharers entire library rather than just the number of files in the folders being shared.


The article was quite old but I have been unable to find anything more current. I wondered whether, with the changes to the Windows desktop client (I am currently running version 19.033.0218.0009) if these limitations are still relevant.


Is this still correct for the current OneDrive client for Windows?


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Hi @infologicit

OneDrive for Business File Size limit is 15Gb

OneDrive for Business File Size limit is 15Gb

Recommend syncing no more than 300,000 files across all document libraries although 30 million can be synced.

AFAIK today there is no limit on the number of files which can be shared. This is also confirmed in this article

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard 


i cannot find a description for a limitation of how many items can be synced in 1 document library in SPO. Only a hint for Groove.exe with 20,000 but no for NGSC.

Do you have any?




30 million is the actual limit, recommended as 300,000 for optimum performance for a single OneDrive or Team Site Library.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  Thanks for that.

We are facing the issue that OD takes up to 10 minutes to be ready...

Hi @m_krone

Not a problem.

Is that all users? Is it when you first start your machines? Can you let us know more about the issue?

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

It is happening for all users and every time OneDrive starts.

Also with Fiddler we can see there is a normal call to SPO for logging in and have the personal OneDrive ready. After that the SPO document libraries are called and than nothing happens for minutes.

Afte rlike 10 minutes the user ca use all items on the SPO document libraries.

If a user tries to access a file which was not downloaded before (Files on Demand enabled) we are getting the message "Please make sure that <name of SPO doucment library> is running.

Hi m_krone

Thanks for outlining.

And what about the performance outside the companies network? Is there any improvement, say, when working from home?

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard 


yes it is the same on outside of the corporate network.

Also i tested it on a fresh deployed Azure VM - so no corporate infrastructure or software and so on - its the same...waiting up to 10 minutes for OneDrive to be ready.

Is there a way to read the log files? Maybe there is something in it.



I suggest creating a ticket with Microsoft to sort this out!

Yes, as Adam says I think this is time for a ticket to ultimately see what is going on.

AFAIK the OneDrive logs on users machines are in .etl format and aren’t readable currently. I may be wrong about this as I haven’t done OneDrive connectivity troubleshooting in a while. Someone with more recent experience may know more here.

Best, Chris