OneDrive - Centralised Folder Area

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I'm interested to know if there's any plans for OneDrive to reduce Dropbox's share of the market by introducing a centralised folder area for staff.


Currently the typical response is 'store it in Sharepoint', Microsoft seems to not realise that users do not want the Sharepoint/web style interface for sharing files, they are after a folder type experience. 



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@marty5 OneDrive and SharePoint are basically the same thing, with OneDrive being a single document library. When you're synching SharePoint folders on a local computer it looks just the same as OneDrive.


From an administrative point of view you get a zillion more features, but end-users who are using the synch mechanism will see folders on their local computer. If you're using Teams, then there is a SharePoint sharing experience embedded in that, which again will appear as local folders when synced to a desktop computer.