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Hi everyone,


I configured OneDrive Device and User policies through intunes but I can't prevent users from stopping Syncing under Settings / Account and also I can't block users from turning off "Start OneDrive when I sign in to Windows" option. Is it possible to achieve this?






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I can see that you’re having trouble with OneDrive Device and User policies through Intune. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent users from stopping syncing under Settings / Account or block them from turning off “Start OneDrive when I sign in to Windows” option.

However, there are some workarounds that you can try:


1.Use Windows Information Protection (WIP):

  • You can use WIP to get users to save company files to OneDrive. This will ensure that the files are saved in OneDrive and not on the local device.

2.Create a Compliance Policy in Microsoft Intune:

  • You can create a compliance policy in Microsoft Intune and assign it to users or groups. This will help you ensure that the devices are compliant with your organization’s security policies. 

3.Block users from signing in with a Microsoft account to sync their personal OneDrive files:

  • You can set the following registry key: [HKCU\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\OneDrive]"DisablePersonalSync"="dword:00000001". This will prevent users from syncing their personal OneDrive files.

4.Prevent users from disabling the OneDrive desktop app:

  • You can utilize Group Policy settings in combination with Intune. Prevent users from synchronizing personal OneDrive account:
  • Navigate to User Configuration 
  • Click on Administrative Templates
  • Select OneDrive and enable the following option: Prevent Users from synchronizing personal OneDrive account


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