Onedrive as a central storage for a small business

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Hello, please can someone advise if the below is possible.

I currently share my one drive folders with different employees and use this as a central filing system for the business.  Sharing files is fine, but it can sometimes have syncing issues on macs, and some of the functionality is lots on mobile app. i.e uploading a photo direct into my one drive folders from a person with shared access does not seem possible via the iphone onedrive app.  Only option is that users account and not shared folders.


I know its possible to use teams to create a central filing system on the computer.  But using app's becomes more complex as you then have to use sharepoint on the iphone.


Is it possible to have onedrive as a central system for the a business, with all users getting access to that system with out losing any functionality.  Ideally I would like it to operate for all users via one drive as if it was there account.



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Once a day I've found I can't enter to any MS service of my BUSINESS account with any ID, incl. OnDrive cloud storage where I still have a lot of working files like contracts, drawing, notes etc. And there's ONLY working files as some of the files and directories are shared with partners I seeked technical assistance but get the cloudy response: "We examine new government mandates thoroughly to be certain our compliance does not impact a customer beyond what is required by law. ****** has been identified as subject to mandates and we're obliged by law to take action. Our legal team is required to follow a government mandate process to identify and suspend service. If you require any further information on this I recommend you seek external counsel. Further calls to other agents will be met with the same response" With no further explanation nor ability to get my files back. Any idea how I can recover my files which are stolen by this way? Reason of the action could be also intersting but I'm not sure it's reasonable to use the OneDrive cloud storage anymore for anybody who need cloud storage for essential files used for work or business. Probably the reason is some new goverment regulation in Russia or US but I'm not sure the immediate blocking w/o ability to backup my work is not an excessive action just in case safety been affected So I would rather suggest you to arrange a local