OneDrive android stopped uploading photos, gives no indication that anything is wrong

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After working more or less okay for a coupe of years, the onedrive app stopped uploading photos from my phone. It doesn't report any errors or anything, in fact it tells you everything got synced, but photos do not get uploaded.
I have also checked traffic on my router to make sure it really isn't uploading (to rule out the case where it's uploading the files to somewhere I don't expect).

I have tried all the troubleshooting guides I could find from MS (and other online places) but nothing seem to work.

Stuff i've tries-
Stopping app

clearing cache
deleting data
uninstalling the app
reinstalling the app
renaming the onedrive camera folder
unlinking and relinking the account.


And looking online, I do not seem to be the only person who got hit with types of issues.

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