OneDrive Android: Shows me 5 GB (private account) instead of 1 TB (business account)

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My smartphone: Samsung S10e

System: Android 12

OneDrive App:

  • Address shown at the top: my busines account (1 TB quota inclded in business 365 license)
  • Profile: shows also my business address
  • Settings: shows my business address/account (1 TB) and my private account (5 GB)
    • Cannot sign out from my private account, only from my business account here 

Problem: OneDrive always shows me 5GB ("quota is full, you must upgrade")

  • So, it does not seem to recognize the 1 TB that are included in my business account license.

I cannot uninstall the app. Maybe there is a technical trick around, but per default at least it is not possible. I can de-activiate the app. When I reactivate, same problem.


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If you tap your profile image at top left, does it show both accounts and allow you to toggle between them?

Yes it shows me both accounts.

I can toggle between them.

And my Business account is selected.


@Mike Williams