OneDrive Android App - All modern team sites erroneously show same files in "Documents" library

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When using the Sites function of the OneDrive android app, we find that if you look at the default “Documents” library of Site1 then look at the “Documents” library of Site2 then the app shows the files from Site1 (both the sites concerned being modern team group/sites).  This keeps happening consistently until the app has its data and cache cleared.  The problem then re-occurs – the files in the document library of the first site you look at are sticky when you look at other document libraries on other sites.  I assume the app is trying to intelligently cache the library called “Documents”!  The problem has been reproduced on two separate android devices, on two separate O365 accounts. Both OneDrive for Android V4.8 and V4.8 (December Beta 3) exhibit the same behaviour. All the usual forcing stop, clearing the cache, unistalling the app, re-installing, etc. have been tried.  The problem doesn't occur on OneDrive for iOS. Apologies if this is not the place to post about Android apps. Any ideas? Thanks.



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We use modern sites, Groups and Teams. I haven't been able to replicate this issue on my Android running v4.8 of the client.
Have you tested with another Android device or even another user?

Hi Loryan -

I work in the same Office 365 tenant as Ed, to answer your question:

Yes we have tested it with another user (me)


We have tested it on 3 other Android phones, on Android versions 4.4.4, 6.01, and 7.1.1

If you need more information I can help too



Ok, in that case I'd suggest logging a Service Request if it's affecting multiple users.

Hi @Sohail Tariq or @Nate Clinton - This bug means that we cannot use the OneDrive android app with any modern document libraries. Please can you help to raise this problem with the backend team so that it can get addressed?    Many thanks.



We're having exactly the same issues as Ed Brown described. When you switch Sites, it first shows you the previous Sites files then, after a few refresh, displays "This folder is empty" which isn't the case as I can switch and view the files in the Groups and Sharepoints apps perfectly fine. Also, if you add a new folder to the 'empty' folder, it creates it in the previous Sites Documents so there is clearly something wrong here.


I have tried the solution you recommended and it had no effect. I've also tried the 'Shake the app' feature but they offered a solution which was completely unrelated to this issue.


I am using OneDrive for Business (fully updated / cache cleared) on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1" (Android version 4.4.2) and also a Samsung Galaxy S7 (android version 6.0.1) and it's exactly the same issue on both devices. It is currently unusable for the average phone user. I would consider this a prority issue so can you look into it ASAP please and fix it?




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Hi Simon - MS have resolved this in the latest Android app beta - Version 4.10 (February Beta 1).
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best response confirmed by Ed Brown (Brass Contributor)
Hi Simon - MS have resolved this in the latest Android app beta - Version 4.10 (February Beta 1).

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