OneDrive and Word isssues

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For the past week or two, I have started noticing this error when trying to save Word documents:


I have finally narrowed it down to the following:

  1. As we now store documents to SharePoint online, I can edit and save documents located there
  2. As soon as I sync a document repository, or individual folder, I start receiving this error. This happens if editing the local laptop version, or editing via 'Open in Word' from SharePoint Online
  3. If I disable sync, the problem disappears straight away
  4. Editing Excel and Visio documents I have no such issues

I am not the only person in the company experiencing this issue, and as it appears to be directly related to OneDrive sync as it can be easily recreated. I am hoping this is a known bug and that there might be a fix?


I did notice recently that the new sync client appeared to be in use, as synced documents to my laptop now appear under our company name, as opposed to SharePoint and it's logo as it did before.

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strange error but must say i have seen similar problems since the autosave button is there in Fast Insider..(mac)

Yes, I know. I never had this issue with OneDrive for Business, only since they merged the two together.


I even tried setting up the sync using OneDrive for Business which basically reported that it's use has now been deprecated and to use OneDrive desktop app.

I did further testing and found that our Fortinet AV scanner seems to be causing this. As you know AV will scan files as they are modified which I believe is where the problem lies. We have logged a case and I will update once I know more.