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I am new to one drive, Is it possible to get what folders or files a user has shared in onedrive with other user,  and what permissions user has given to his folders in one drive. Many cases users share folders or files with other users and other users claim that they are not able to access. from backend is it possible to check rather than taking remote session and checking with the end user.


2. is it possible to get the links what user has shared along with permissions.


3. in outlook user can create groups, can user use those groups to assign permissions.

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There is a new feature called Sharing reports in ODFB that will allow you to export what folders and docuemnt have you shared with other users and with what permissions

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Could you please help me with any link or article how to check that option

Hi @Roger Roger,


You can learn more about sharing reports here:


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