One Drive Not Working

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my one drive is shown an error kindly help how to fix this

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here is https link

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I have the same issue as Jrond123, the account I'm currently writing from is blocked. I would just like to get my data off of it and then all is fine, I don't need extended restored access, just a small time frame to get my data would be nice :(.


Same problem here!

we are a lot  of people with this issue and we  havent got answers since june 2020


I have an account provided by my mobile provider (Vodafone) worked finefor some years untill 2 days ago.


I have the same problem, lost access in the summer. My endpoint is
Have the same problem, the account is blocked since June 2020 and none answear from Microsoft
Did you get your files back ? I am having same problem and I sent a support ticket :admission_tickets:
Nobody answered since June 2020...