One Drive keeps asking for credentials

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Why does OneDrive for Business keep asking for credentials and does not take the user credentials?


Tried logging out of the user's Office 365 account and back in through Excel, but that did not work

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Do you mean ODFB on the web, or the local sync client?

In both cases, though, the respective credentials are independent from the credentials you input in Office 2016...

We have experienced the same issue on a number of occasions.  We were advised by Microsoft to sign out of Microsoft Office (as you did) and also Internet Explorer.  Navigate to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Credential Manager, under Windows Credentials, remove all entries relating to Microsoft Office and OneDrive for Business.  Then sign back into Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer.  Microsoft also supplied some additional steps, but the process above appears to work for our users.  Let me know if you would like me to share the additional steps.


Our quick'n'dirty solution was to get rid of %userprofile%\onedrive, since we're only using the onedrive - companyname directory. YMMV!

We usually try that first. But in most cases this does not resolve the issue

Can you please send me the additional steps as well?