One Drive in the wrong language

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I am trying to create an Excel document in my OneDrive account. This is my first time using office 365 online with my existing Microsoft account. When I open a new workbook, it appears in Spanish as well as my OneDrive account is in Spanish. My display and preferred languages are both in English on my Microsoft account so I am unsure why my OneDrive is in Spanish.

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@joannaarreola OneDrive and M365 online versions have a lot of problems with locales. It's not just at the level of language. English users outside the US get inflicted with US dates and other parameters regardless of how many profile/account/browser/device settings you use.


For some reason OneDrive has distinct locale/language settings to "Office" apps in M365, as does Teams and some others. It's not the unified experience you see in desktop apps. So for now you have to get used to there being multiple "Microsoft" settings, and that they don't all work...