One Drive for Business Not Loading

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I have an Office 365 E3 account. Here's my situation:

  • I understand the One Drive for Business client is now part of Windows 10. I have installed this after following instructions to delete my previous version of this app (scrubbing registry etc.)
  • When I type "OneDrive" in Windows 10 now I see "One Drive Desktop App"
  • When I doubleclick on this nothing happens. No cloud icon appears in the system tray. No icons in the system tray are hidden. I get no errors.
  • I am running Windows 10 Pro for Workstations. I logon as a local user.
  • I have my Office 2016 apps loaded (from Office 365).
  • I need to sync one folder from my One Drive in my Office 365 account that holds all of my client files (I am a consultant). Right now I have to upload and download all the files individually from

Note that I only want to sync ONE folder because I have way more files on One Drive for Business than would fit on my hard drive. I understand this is possible with the WIndows 10 One Drive app. 


I understand I SHOULD see the cloud icon that which would then let me choose Settings and specify which folder I want to sync.


Does anybody have any idea what is wrong? Any ideas on how to get the sync working?


Any help much appreciated!

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Just to make sure, cause first time running this it might take some time and sometimes requires clicking it again! I’d suggest restarting your computer also and try again!
If this doesn’t work please download and install the client here:

Hi Adam,


I did uninstall the client completely, shut down, and then reinstall the most current windows 10 client. But when I click on the "OneDrive Desktop App" nothing happens. No cloud icon, no response whatever. . .

Try launching onedrive.exe from C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive

@adam deltinger Still nothing, even if I "Run as Administrator". . .:-(

Can you try from a different account?

@adam deltinger Not sure how the Office 365 account comes into it because I'm not signed into WIndows 10 with my Office 365 account. I'm signed in with a local account. Was kind of assuming that the OneDrive for Apps would ask me to sign in to my Office 365 account.

No I mean computer/ ad account! As for now onedrive is installed per user basis
Hi Kathryn,

I know this issue, I have the same one and struggle how I can fix it :(

Do you already have found a solution?
I have also tried already to install the newest ODB Client Version 19.192.0926.0012 just with the same result?

PLease let me know.
Me too... watching this thread! I thought i might have a GPO or AV snapping it shut, but can't find anything. Cant roll out unless I can test it @Pernille-Eskebo!

@Kathryn Birstein Did this ever get dorted, or did you go to Google Apps? :xd: 


I'm in the same place now.. see the shortcut, nothing n loads... reinstall, it does that fine..   o365 user is active... soooooooooooo frustrating.

@Kathryn Birstein you could also try to reset OneDrive for Business by this run cmd:

%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset