One Drive for Business folder sharing - recipients have to sync each folder

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When sharing mulitple folders which include sub folders, the people who you share the folders with have to go into each folder and sync them individually. There should be an option to sync ALL folders and the sub folders they may contain. We are sharing over 20 folders and some have many sub folders.  We were using Dropbox and the folder sharing (syncing them) was seamless. PLEASE add this capability. 

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@jpiazza  I've never experienced this problem when sharing folders with subfolders. Perhaps you can describe the client configuration of the people you are sharing with.

@Mike Williams When you click on "Shared with me", the folders are listed. I don't see the sync button unless I go into the shared folder. Then I can sync. Then I have to go back out to the main list and then go into the next shared folder and then sync. etc. 

@jpiazza Thanks, yes I understand the problem from your first description, but can you describe the client configuration of those you're sharing with.