One Drive for Business client crashes and doesn't syncrhonize

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My One Drive for Business client stopped syncrhonizing (on both mac and PC) suddenly. 

I removed the entire client and tried downloading and installing the client again.


When starting One Drive for the first time again, it first crashes: the One Drive symbol appears on the top menu on my Mac but when hovering over the symbol it disappears. The symbol in my dock also appears and disappears several times before receiving an error saying: 

"There was a problem with OneDrive. 

Sorry you're having problems with OneDrive. You can get help from customer support to report this problem, or you can try to reset OneDrive. If you reset OneDrive, you must configure the OneDrive app again."


I tried contacting customer support but haven't heard back. 

I also tried resetting the app and configuring my account once more. I can then choose where I want to install OneDrive and which files I want to be synchronized, but after finishing these steps, nothing happens. The files don't synchronize. The icon in the top menu appears again briefly, but disappears quickly after that again.


When restaring OneDrive the same problem occurs all over again. 


Has anyone seen this issue before?

Any tips on what else I can try?

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