One drive data transfer

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Please i need your help on this issue. 


I want to transfer my data from personal one-drive to a business one drive

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Without third party tools you need to treat this like any other file transfer. In practice this will probably go faster due to the delays associated with transfers between different tenants which would make it the same as moving from say Dropbox to OneDrive or vice versa.

Download from one to an intermediate file folder (via direct download or sync) and when that is done you can either
1) upload to OneDrive
2) unlink your personal account and move the files to a folder where they can be synced to the business account.

You should take pains to verify your downloads and uploads are complete and accurate. This is a good opportunity to back up your personal files. OneDrive is NOT a backup. (Read a few hundred posts here to discover all the ways that people have lost data by relying solely on OneDrive or other cloud stores, and by not checking the validity of files at each step).