One diskspace for 3 users - best setup

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Dear OneDrive Community!


I just started a small business and am new to cloud applications. Can you maybe give me hints on how to configure one drive in the best way?


I basically want one on drive disc space that is being used by three persons. All the data should also be on their hard drive. 


-Should I use the same One Drive login for all 3 users?

-Or should all three use their own login and I share the space with them? Now I am not sure, since they have their own one drive space if the shared one will be displayed on their own hard drive? 




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Look for tutorials on OneDrive and cloud storage on YouTube - there are countless videos.

OneDrive is designed to be used by a single person. If all people share a login, then you cannot track who does what, and you risk other security login issues. In general you should never share logins for *any* system, especially when connected to the internet.