OnceDrive - Feature request for files / folders exclusion

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Dear Microsoft Community,

I am new here and not sure what is the proper way to raise such things..

I raised an issue to Microsoft support for exclusion of folders / files to sync and was advised to raise a feature request here.

There are some large files or certain file types that aren't allowed for One Drive backup and I wish there is an option to exclude those from syncing.

In my case I have installed some modules for Windows Power Shell that created .pdb file types, which are apparently blocked for backing up by our company policies.

There's an existing feature to stop sync for a folder, but the result would be the folder would get deleted on computer and exist on the cloud, which is opposite to what would be mostly needed for One Drive users.

I'm hoping this feature will be considered in the future releases.

Thank You.

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@Vasil Michev it works well for files but not for folders. I defined exclusions in gpedit.msc 


and can see they are stored properly in registry, but only Files definitions taken by OneDrive.
I have OneDrive version 23.199.0924.0001 (and copied ADM* files as it mentioned in documentation)


Is that possible to handle folders in same way too?

Thank you in advance

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