On-Demand works for the Redirecting OneDrive to File Explorer?

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Hopefully, I can get some help with this. I'm reading the articles from the blog and notice that OneDrive is coming out with the On-Demand feature. I'm working on a training presentation and would like to get some help when it comes to the redirecting or syncing OneDrive into file explorer. 


Will the On-Demand work for the redirecting or it doesn't matter?

And what is the difference between redirecting or syncing OneDrive to File Explorer?


Also, I'll just randomly throw this question in here, how does the user interface actually look like for Office 365 business? I search the web and notice ALOT of different interfaces and now I'm just confused.


The company I work for is about the launch Office 365 but I haven't gotten the chance to use it yet and I have to make training materials, that's why I am asking all of this silly questions.


Thank you for your help and sorry about the questions. 

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Minh. The On-Demand is a placeholder that allows all OneDrive content to be viewed in the file explorer. I would NOT train on it now, because it will not be available for a few more months, and at first it may depend on Windows 10 to work and not in other operating systems.

In general OneDrive or SharePoint Team sites need to be selectively synchronized to your desktop. this means that all files are both on your computer and in the cloud and then are synchronized.

Can you be more specific about Office 365 interfaces?

First, thank you so much for helping me out. I am very new to how Office 365 for business works and the more I read about it, makes me even more confused. But the way you explain it makes. 


The interface I am talking about is when you first log into Office 365 for Business and it takes you either to the SharePoint or OneDrive for Business page. I am looking online but there are some many examples that I’m not should which one is the current one. I am trying to get our users to understand Office 365 so if you have any training materials that are current, that would be very helpful.

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