Office auto-save upload - pending version overwrites version with later modified date

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I was wondering if anyone knows according to which property the OneDrive client decides to upload a local file to OneDrive or not.


I'm experiencing the issue that the 'older' version of a local Excel file gets uploaded overwrtiting the most recent changes that are already on the server.


Here's the scenario:

I open the same server file version from OneDrive in Excel Desktop on two devices to be able to collaborate using the auto-save feature. I make no changes to the file yet so both machines have the absolute same state of the file.


Then I go offline with device a), i.e. no internet connectivity.


If I then make one change in cell A1 on device a) Excel will let me know that an upload is pending (as there's currently no connectivity). Let's assume this change happened at 11.58.


I leave the application running and switch to device b).

Here I make a change in the same cell A1 at 12:00. This change gets synched to the cloud as device b) has internet connectivity.


After the upload from device b) If I now turn internet connectivity back on on device a) the pending change in cell A1 from device a) will be uploaded to OneDrive overwriting the changes already uploaded from device b).


This happens although the change from device a) was made two minutes earlier than device b).


I would assume that the OneDrive client compares the last modified date and only uploads the version of a file that has the latest one.


To me it seems that if a document version was could not be uploaded from a device that this pending upload takes precedence over anything else.


I hope I was able to explain my situation.


Does anybody have any ideas what the sync logic behind this is?



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