Office 365 not connecting to OneDrive for Business

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I have an issue where I previously had a personal OneDrive setup using my work email address.


I can succesfully connect to my OneDrive for Business within Windows 10 natively, it works fine, syncs etc.


I noticed that my Office 365 Pro Plus was connecting to my old personal OneDrive, so I disconnected it within Office from the accounts page and went to add the OneDrive for Business. When I try and connect it, it does not give the me the option to select work or personal account, it immediately goes to the login page for my personal OneDrive account. If I enter my personal OneDrive account password, it connects to my personal account.


Can anyone let me know how to resolve this and connect my Office 365 Pro Plus install (Monthly Channel) to my OneDrive for Business account properly within Office Apps Word / Excel etc.



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Not sure what the solution here is as I've "disconnected" my personal account years ago, just wanted to mention that such configuration is no longer supported by Microsoft and you can expect other issues to keep popping up. Here's the blog post where they originally announced this: