Office 2016 browse onedrive folder loading

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Hi all,


I have a user who for some reason when opening any office app and trying to share a file that is in a OneDrive location it attaches the file and isn't sharing the file as a link.


What I found was that when I open word, for example, and go into Open and click on OneDrive - (my company) option it doesn't load the folder list and get stuck on loading.


I hope this is just a bad installation issue, but I would like to know if someone else encountered a similar issue and was able to resolve.

Thanks in advance

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Any syncing issues?
Try remove the account in onedrive client and add it again!


I tried both removing and re adding the account and repair office. No luck...

The sync was working fine before and after removing and adding the account.

What happens if you go into the onedrive folder via file explorer! Can you see the files and share from there?

Yes, I can also share the file when I go to the recent files and open from a URL location in word...

Forgot to mention that on the "Share" tab, the share as a link is greyed out because the document needs to be in a share location...