O365 and G-Suite both being used

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We are a university and predominantly a Microsoft shop (O365) but we do have a number of staff (mainly teaching staff) and students who use Google Docs and Google Drive.

A common problem we are discovering is that staff are using Google Docs & Drive for university-related emails as it is very good for sharing, both internally and externally. But this causes problems as it is
(a) “officially” unsupported by the University - any usage issues won’t be dealt with
(b) files are not backed up by us and can only be owned by individuals so when they leave the file goes (just 25 days to recover)
(c) there are question over how much it is a safe harbour for university business docs.

My call goes out to any other organisation who has people using O365 and G-Suite and what advice / guidelines you give them regarding the storage and sharing of files.
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