Not allowed String? 2502_vti_ventile

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Can anybody please test this filename in their OneDrive for Business



A user came to me with an upload error for a file called 2502_vti_ventile.pdf

File is a normal PDF nothing special. A tried a few different variations and for some reason, this name is not allowed. 2502_vti-ventile.pdf works just fine

I then copied to file to my OneDrive for Business - same issue.

I even get the issue when I create a folder named 2502_vti_ventile

It looks like there is some kind of bug, with to underscores, though there are multiple other files in my and the users OneDrive that have two or more underscores in their filename and they work just fine.


Any ideas?

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Unfortunately "*_vti_*" is not allowed in the name of a folder, see


I guess they've blocked it in a file name as well.

Thanks, I wasn't aware of any strings that aren't allowed, just characters :)
_vti_ is part of special path used by SharePoint and as you know, ODFB is built on top of SharePoint so that's the reason why this string is not supported in a file / folder name (at least for now)