Not all files synced.

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I have a couple of users who claim to have lost large numbers of files during a migration to OD4B.


The latest user says that he has been using a number of the missing files from his onedrive folder, but these have now disappeared.  


Looking at the audit log, there is no indication of the the missing files having been uploaded.   What I do see is1.12.17 a very large number of FileSyncUploadedFull records.  And then from 13.12.17, a very large number of FileSyncDownloadedFull records.  From File explorer, all files have a 13.12.17 timestamp.


I know this is all a bit vague, but has anyone else come across anything similar?

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Are those missing files in the recycle bin?

If yes, who has deleted them?

No, Not in either of the recycle bins. 

I suspect that they were never synced to the cloud.

I perhaps should have said that the files that are missing, do not appear in the audit log records at all.

I think so too: probably they were never synced to the cloud...

But very strange that the entire folder structure was.  And then some form of reverse sync deleted them.