No Access to Library - One or more Libraries could not be synced

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Hi everybody,


I am in a bit of a pickle.

My access to OneDrive was through an old College/Course friend while studying which I have been using perfectly fine up until this week.


I can log into my Microsoft online portal etc but I cannot access the library where my photos were saved, and yes, i'm one of those that relied on cloud storage so have no local back up of over 20 years of, wedding, holidays etc!


I cannot contact the person that I got the access through, and I don't know who the admin is.


I cant get to my photos now and im really angry with myself for not looking into the account further. I just assumed it worked and that was that.


Can anyone advise?

I have reached out to Microsoft by email but awaiting a reply.


I have added some screenshots to demonstrate what I see. I can see the thumbnails of some photos but cant open, copy or move them back to my PC.

Maybe something to do with the host account?


Thanks for listening.


I may not have posted all the info, but if there's anything specific I left out, please ask.

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