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I have a new laptop with OneDrive installed. I'll start with these three questions:
1. Can I successfully remove it permanently? I have a program that will have problems if OneDrive is running.
2. If I'm stuck with it, shouldn't my files be in a local file as well as OneDrive? That's currently not the case. Currently, my Document files are on OneDrive only.
3. I've been using DropBox backup. Can it run with OneDrive also running?

Thanks in advance.

Judy Madnick

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@Judy_Madnick Windows 10 or 11?


1. You could but as a newbie don't try to do something under the hood of Windows that you don't understand the consequences of.

2. Just because files are in OneDrive doesn't mean that they aren't local. Find a video that explains files on demand. (This applies to Dropbox too).

3. Yes but keep the folders separate. 

1. That's the problem: I have a genealogy program that doesn't "play well" with OneDrive, which leaves me in a no-win situation. And, yes, I've discussed this with the genealogy-program "experts." <sigh>
2. Well, with Dropbox it's been easy: All my files are local and then backed up to Dropbox. At this point I'm willing to give up Dropbox backup but am finding OneDrive to be more confusing. I'll check the video you mentioned.
3. Which files separate?

Meanwhile, why aren't all the folders/files in my local Documents folder not available in OneDrive?