New GPO’s for Sharepoint sync in OneDrive are not working for some libraries

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We have deployed new GPO’s for Sharepoint sync according to this article.

Use OneDrive policies to control sync settings - OneDrive | Microsoft Docs


All GPO’s are deployed without errors (GPresults seems okey)  but some libraries doesn’t show up in the file-explorer as a folder under the tenant symbol.

We have tried running an «odopen» with the missing library as a target, resulting in this message; «We are unable to synchronize this folder. You are already synchronizing a shortcut to a folder from this library.»


Please advise.

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Did find the missing library in the local config file 

%LocalAppdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\settings\Business1   ..same_as_dat.INI


listed as not "libraryScope" but "AddedScope" ?

Guess I should not start fixing things in the INI file like we did some years ago...   :)