New Folder Auto Shares with Everyone

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Whenever I create a new folder in OD4B (Web version using Edge) it automatically share it with 'Everyone' in 'edit' mode no less and I have to 'un-share' it. What am I missing? This is not expected behavior I'm assuming. Thank you in advance.

I should add also when I upload a folder with contents (in effect creating a new folder) it also shares it with 'Everyone' by default.

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Do you create such folders inside other folders that are already shared with Everyone, perhaps?

Hi Sal and thank you. Not that I can tell. I am at my root OD4B and I can see all the root folders. Whenever I create a new folder, be it 'create folder' or copy (upload) it shares it with me and then Everyone in Edit Mode. Even a file will behave the same way. I have folders I created way back (over a year ago) before all of the OD4B udates, etc. and they show as not being shared and I never touched those (had to remove the share). This seems like new behavior. See screen shot of my OD4B. I just created the 'AMR' folder and you can see the 'share' to the right. I am at the root.

I think I just figured out why. It's inheriting the permissions from SPO (we use external sharing) and the Group 'Everyone' is set to contribute. Probably not good ha?

AFAIK, ODfB does not inherit permissions from other SPO site collections.

Have you modified the ODfB document library permissions, instead?

I see and yes, I believe a contractor did. He apparently have 'Everyone' contributor permissions to docs libs when we really wanted each internal functional group (Acct. IT. HR., etc.) to have contribute permissions.

It's not clear to me why you could want to have 'Everyone' contributor permissions to your personal ODfB doclib, which should be used only for your personal files, maybe with some temporary item sharing with other users...

Anyway, go to the permissions for your ODfB doclib and delete the Everyone group from there: this should solve the problem.

Thank you Mario!

One more quick question Mario: is the a way yet to show what folders/file you have shared on your personal OD4B? I realize you can see what's shared with you but not vice-versa. Thank you in advance. Mark

AFAIK there is not a simple way to get such list.

Give a look to this thread:

Maybe @Juan Carlos González Martín can help...


Audit logs in the Compliance & Security Center is your bets the way, I'm curious to know how your contractor managed to break ODFB sharing behaviour...

I'm not sure. All I know is when I followed the path (if you will) to see how this was being shared with everyone I was shown a screen that looks just like a SPO Group Permissions screen with a group 'Everyone' and they had 'contribute' access. I simply deleted the group as Mario recommended and it worked. I believe, in hindsight, I may have inadvertently have done this.

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BTW, the default for the ODfB doclib is to have no explicit permissions at all.


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Thank you for all of the help... is there a way to show what you've shared in OD4B? I realize I can see what's been shared with me but it would seem the opposite would be more helpful? Thank you in advance.

Its on the roadmap, a 'Shared by Me' view in OneDrive. I haven't seen a date but it's something I know we will value as well.