My login email has been permanently discontinued, and I can't log into my account or recover my data

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For some reason, my OneDrive account was suddenly disconnected, and when I attempted to log in again, OneDrive displayed the following message: 'We've detected unusual activity on the account you're trying to access,' after numerous login attempts on my part.


However, when I tried to recover the data, reset my password, send a code to another account or phone number, or any recommended option, I haven't been successful.


This is because my registered email for login was discontinued a long time ago by the company (, and I no longer have access to it, even though I managed to use it to log into OneDrive.


During the password recovery process, it's not possible to send codes to this email, and I can't send them to other email accounts or phone numbers. Moreover, I've been unsuccessful in recovering this data through the dozens of forms I've already filled out with my information, as I received rejections.


Absolutely all of my work and personal files from my entire life are on my OneDrive, and I urgently need to recover them.


I kindly ask if someone can assist me.


Thank you very much!

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How was the account discontinued, and is it a personal or business account?


@Deleted ,


The login email I've always used to access my OneDrive had the domain.

However, the company announced the discontinuation of its email and internet services at the end of 2021.


Since then, I can no longer receive emails in my account, but I have always been able to access my OneDrive using this email.


I haven't changed my email to another account, and I also don't have another alias to recover my data. Furthermore, all the forms I fill out (2 per day) are denied because it's not possible to verify the email addresses and subjects, as the domain has not existed for over 2 years.


I would greatly appreciate it if someone could assist me!


Thank you very much!


From your reply it's evident that this is a personal account and not a business account. That being said it's impossible to get your data since the mail has been discontinued since 2021(it has passed the retention period).


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Is there no other way for me to get in touch with Microsoft and prove that I am indeed myself in order to recover all of my data? How was such a possibility not foreseen, leaving the user vulnerable to losing all their data and not ensuring that their data is 100% secure in the cloud?