MS Teams not updating to reflect what is in Sharepoint

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I am in process of reorganizing my Teams channels - which requires files and folders to be moved around.  I have completed this activity in Sharepoint and have synced back to Teams...or at least, tried to sync.  The syncs are claiming to be successful and each subsequent attempt to re-sync gives back the message of "You are already syncing XYZ".  I thought this may need time to propagate but this has not been the case, as the gap still exists.  I did my re-organization last week, so plenty of time has passed for any potential catch-up to occur. 

My teammates needs this new view to be reflected in the Teams app so they can navigate, retrieve, and add files accordingly.  How do I get the Teams app to accurately reflect the folder structure that displays in Sharepoint?  Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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Unless something has changed in Teams design, this reorganisation only works by renaming Teams channels. Moving/renaming channel folders in SP just breaks the relationship with Teams.
Thanks for your feedback...this is discouraging to hear, since I feel this should be a pretty straightforward ask of the program. I feel like I've seen this sync occur before in other Teams setups; is there some organizational setting that could be different for this particular setup?
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This has been a longstanding issue. Microsoft has a very recent fix but it may not have been rolled out to your tenant yet, in which case your channels are unsynchronized with their folders.

@MikeWWW Appreciate the article!  That puts the proverbial pin on things, in my eyes.  As far as the work already done, I'll have to get creative and do some fixes.  Thankfully, none of my files appear to be lost since they still show in Sharepoint, but now my team and I will have the collective burden of extra clicks into Sharepoint if a desired file doesn't appear to be present in the Teams app...thank you again for your feedback

@david_n You might find it useful to link external SharePoint libraries rather than depending on the Teams channel/folder organisation. That will give you some more flexibility in organising and sharing files, particularly if you have multiple Teams/Groups that you want benefiting from a single collection divided into different access permission sets.

Fair point, and certainly a good idea worth exploring further. I'll see what "damage control" I can do from last week's reorg efforts and then reassess the direction we should take moving forward. I'm grateful to know about this gap as a 'better late than never' proposition, but sure do wish it wasn't a gap at all, since it does seem like a rather obvious use case...