Moving My Documents Pictures and Downloads from net share to one drive.

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I am trying to setup OneDrive via a GPO.

The GPO settings I have set it:

  • Block file downloads when users are low on disk space
  • Limit the sync app upload rate to a percentage of throughput
  • Prevent users from redirecting their Windows known folders to their PC
  • Prompt users to move Windows known folders to OneDrive
  • Silently move Windows known folders to OneDrive
  • Silently sign in users to the OneDrive sync app with their Windows credentials
  • Warn users who are low on disk space

I have the Tenant ID placed in the items that needs it.


Needless to say, the ONLY item that has sync'd to OneDrive has been the Desktop

if I run the KFM_Deployment script...  the report says:

  • False | Device_is_KFM_GPO_eligible
  • 291 | Total_items_not_in_OneDrive
  • True | Desktop_is_in_OneDrive
  • False | Documents_is_in_OneDrive
  • False | Pictures_is_in_OneDrive
  • True | KFM_Opt_In_Wizard_Set
    True | KFM_Silent_Opt_In_Set
    True | KFM_Silent_With_Notification_Set
    False | KFM_Block_Opt_In_Set
    False | KFM_Block_Opt_Out_Set

If I go to the SharePoint Admin Center in, then Migration manager....   I downloaded and installed the agent.   The install process went fine, including the 'test' to make sure I have access to the source and destination.     I run the task, sometimes it runs fine, other times, it sits are 'Queued' (currently still at queued that I started on 6/11/2020 @ 1530, it is currently 6/12/2020 @ 1042).   When it does run, it fails....but it says to check the report log.   I download and read the report.  all it says is 'failed'.   

If I go to setting in the OneDrive app on the desktop, hit the backup tab and select 'manage backup' I see the 3 icons, Desktop/Documents/Pictures.   Desktop says 'files backed up', but Documents and Pictures in in RED lettering and won’t let me click on them.   a message saying  'the documents folder contains other important folder and isn’t support for file backup'

I contacted MS support, and that was less than helpful as they offered no troubleshooting.  only sent links to items I told them I already did.


sorry for the long 

So here I am....

is there any way to find out what the malfunction is?

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Few things to check. Start with folder redirection policies and disable them to make sure the documents, Pictures folders are pointing to local to PC. Tenant ID is case sensitive and please check and confirm the gpo settings again.