Most shared files folders from an external tenancy are not showing up under "Shared with you"

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It is our understanding that since the beginning of 2019, all files and folders shared to you should show up under the "Shared with you" location, regardless if they were shared from an internal or external account.


We have been doing some rigorous OneDrive for Business testing of shared files, and shared folders between tenancies.  What we have discovered is that most of the files and folders shared to a user in a different tenancy do NOT show up under their (the recipients) "Shared with you" location.  I say most because some shared files and folders do show up.  We have tested this across and between at least four different tenancies with the same random results.  Help!


We support a lot of users, and this functionality would be a huge way to get them using the product.  Any assistance is appreciated.





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@rbelt2020 i can confirm this is an issue with our tenant and external shared with us.  additionally several other tenants we managed, same issue.  if you go to onedrive online, go to shared with you, we do not see any external shares.

Sure wish someone from Microsoft would assist and explain what is happening here... if we can get this to work, we can get a lot of new clients spun up in 365 based simply on this sharing functionality.