Missing OneDrive context menu in windows 10

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Hi, I'm missing the context menu on synced OneDrive for Business files. The icons on the cloud status are visible, but in the right-click menu I have no section on OneDrive. 

So no chance of changing the status to "Always Keep on device".

Is there a registry key missing or what can I do to get it back?

Ondrive client works otherwise without any problems!




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I've noticed that this happens when I right click the tray icon and exit the client. Icons remain, but the context menu goes away. However, you stated the client is otherwise running fine, so you may just have to try a reinstall of the client or check if you have group policies or such blocking this.

There is no OneDrive in the menu you should have the cloud icon next to Share and that’s it. If that’s the case you need to make sure you enabled files on demand on the OneDrive client settings. By default it’s not on. I’m remote now so cannot look but it’s on the first tab. Once that’s on the shell should update to show the make available offline etc.
Christopher, a customer of mine is facing the same issue. He has a Windows 10 laptop (version 1803) and have enabled files on-demand feature. But the context menu is not available furthermore he's not able to free up space

Any news, i need this urgent

Open (User) Folder, Select View tab at top and View Options at far right. 

In View Option dialog select to "show hidden windows system files" and accept security warnings.


(1) Check for any duplicate OneDrive folders. Open each folder to determine which one has your files in it and delete all other duplicate folders.


(2) Check for "desktop.ini" files and delete ALL but the most current file. (Right click, >Properties:


I noticed this issue came up after restoring data from October 2018 Update. Upon a restart after update, my PC would no longer boot and all attempts to repair the installation failed. I had to completely wipe my drive, reinstall Win10 Insider and then restore files and folders using Acronis True Image 2018. This created duplicate system folders and .ini files resulting in the loss of OneDrive Context menu as well as OneDrive not syncing files properly.


(3) Re-open Folder View Options and clear "hide windows system folders" option.

(1) Open (User) folder on PC


(2) Select View tab and click View Options at far right


(3) In folder options dialog box, select View Tab and check "Hide Protected Operating system files" and click OK.


(4) In (User) folder, delete all but the newest "desktop.ini" files.


(5) Check for any duplicate "One Drive" folders and delete all but the one that has your files and folders in it.

(6) Return to Folder Options and clear "Hide Protected system files" option and click OK.


I had an orphaned folder from a system rebuild that was installed with windows. I did a file restore with Acronis and it copied the backed up One Drive folder to the previous installation location on my D: drive, leaving the C:\Users\One Drive folder location in place. I should have moved my user folders to the D: drive FIRST, then run file restore..

Thanks for the tip. I'm going to check it out and then say later if it works.

My user folder not have any desktop.ini file =/

How do you restore the option 'Free up Space" when you right-click the folder?

I'm stuck with the same there anyone from MSFT reading this who can help?

Is it possible the client itself can be configured to not run in elevated rights? Seems like an issue with the OneDrive application itself

Simply change the UAC settings to On or higher. Restart the Machine, check share is back. Then set UAC to your desired settings.

@Deolindo desktop.ini is a hidden file in EVERY folder in windows. You have to make sure you have the Windows Explorer option set to view hidden and system files.

@Oliver Kuhlhaving the exact same issue. OS Build is 18362.418. Unfortunately, suggested solutions did not work for me. were you able to resolve this issue?




If you are using Group Policy see attached image for UAC settings that work. When the policy has been applied i.e gpupdate


Reboot workstation.


Or if not running Group Policy updated the Computer local policy as per screenshot and reboot the machine.




@Waddothank you very much for the tip. not sure how and why that happened; I configure all my PCs in exactly the same way and yet they're acting differently. good old Microsoft. :) 

I'm also experiencing this problem with my Windows 10 home edition laptop, and it's rather unfortunate since I need OneDrive to work at its best for school. I'm going to try what the Anonymous posts on 12-09-2018 said, but if that doesn't work (and it very well might not since I'm on home edition and therefore have less configuration flexibility. I normally have hidden files shown and have never seen desktop.ini anywhere, for instance), does anyone know what else I could try?

@PhillipM  it will be UAC. Do you run Group Policy? If so Run gpresult on the PC to find where it is getting the wrong UAC settings. Then simply change that policy to like the article below.

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@donreak Hi there,

Our documentation changes with time and the article I previously mention is one of them.

For the OneDrive missing context menu we have now this one  - 

Hope this helps

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