Minimum Windows 10 Build for Best ODB Experience

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We are planning to roll out Windows 10 so our users have the best ODB and Office 365 experience. We are starting with version 1607. Any reason to use 1703 or even wait for 1709 to enhance adoption of ODB and the rest of O365.
Thanks in advance!
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In general I would recommend to deploy latest Windows 10 update so if possible, use 1703...and when 1709 is ready, plan the upgrade...reason of recommending latest update is not only for a best Office 365 support, but also because you will have fixed errors and problems know from previous builds and or course, you will also have any enhancement included
Thanks Juan Carlos. That's a great point. Just curious if there is a killer feature we will miss such as files on demand or a technical or support hurdle we will incur if we continue with 1607.

We're currently planning to roll out 1703 for some of the same reasons that Juan Carlos states.


My understanding is that you won't be missing any killer features, as 1607 currently is able to run the latest OneDrive version. Files on-demand won't be available until 1709 anyway and I wouldn't roll that out until next year at the earliest.


1703 has a number of other features, such as improved Windows Update, which would put you in a better position for the next upgrade than if you stuck with 1607. Also, it gives you more time until you absolutely must upgrade again.

The big change in 1709 is that it includes OneDrive Files on Demand ...

... which to me absolutely would count as a killer feature for driving the support of OneDrive. I certainly wouldn't consider 1607, it's ancient in Windows terms, and will be out of all support by the middle of next year.