Microsoft 365 account deactivation information

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I got  a timelife microsoft 365 license with


And it's now be deactivate.

Please  can you explain me

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Possibly you've been scammed. Contact Microsoft.

@Mike Williams 



How can contact microsoft?

Thank you

Google it.
I am not sure this is a scam because I have also seen where they are giving away a lifetime of Microsoft 365 because of the new update. Dont automatically think this is a scam because I messed up thinking i was scammed!!!
I see, and where did you see this? Microsoft don't offer lifetime Microsoft 365.... except you somehow get enough points in Microsoft Rewards for a giftcard that much.

Though they do offer discounts I believed in the past for those upgrading from older versions of Office...

Lifetime Microsoft 365 would be the standalone products not the ones that get the feature updates except it is a subscription... though its likely that the scams are just giving you temporaily or a account in their domain that has it.. then anytime they can remove it or Microsoft removes it for anti-privacy..