Messed up setting up OneDrive on my new computer

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I got a new computer and had a company tech help set it up. Rather than just log into my OneDrive and let it sync files again, he copied some of the files in my Documents folder (just some, not all... long story) onto my new computer but did not turn on OneDrive sync. He told me I could just do that later. Now when I want to turn on syncing, OneDrive wants to make copies of every single file that's currently on my hard drive, appending "- copy" to the end of each file name.


Is there any way to not have it do that? If I go to copy files between two regular drives, Windows always asks me what I want to do with files that have duplicate names. Why won't OneDrive ask me that? I *really* don't want to go through and delete 150+GB of duplicate files! Help! 

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What is the folder location for OneDrive on your computer?

Have you previously synced another computer with the same OneDrive account? It might be that be copying new files directly rather than using the synch mechanism to download you are getting massive conflicts.

You need the tech or someone competent to view your computer. (Don't take volunteers off this forum, a very risky step.)
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