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I am doing a FileShare to One drive for business migration and it's about 85 TB of data. My question is what is the storage limit assigned in Personal site collection? I thought it's 25 TB. If so, then what are my options to ensure my 85 TB of data is migrated without any storage issue. I have an ME3 license assigned to all users. Your reply is greatly is greatly appreciated. If you can share documentations as well I would be very appreciative as well. Thanks and have a great day.

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I don't think your scenario is supported with the way, per ODFB limits with E3 Licenses, you are supposed to have unlimited ODFB storage, but you need to enable it and I think when you go beyond 15 TB you have to talk to Microsoft support. Moreover, ODFB is built on top of SPO, so the 25 TB limit should be there