Map existing folder to OneDrive

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Users have a local folder on their computers which can be used to save data during their RDP sessions ( C:\ExportData ) .

My questions is: Is it possible to link somehow folder and the content of "C:\ExportData" to user OneDrive?

I mean that if user will save anything there it will also appears in their OneDrive?

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Hi Tomasz


I'm not sure technical but here's what I can gleem of a few ideas.


You could maybe try to get them to save their documents in a folder on the desktop and use Known Folder Move (right click onto OneDrive app icon in icon tray > Settings > Auto save > Update folders and select Desktop which will then sync their Desktop with OneDrive.


You could also try having them save their documents to the (OneDrive) Documents folder which can sync with OneDrive. Or maybe even just shortcut a link to the desktop where users can open it and drop their files into OneDrive.


Hope that gives a few ideas? Not sure doing it from C drive is the way to go although it's may be possible to do!