Manage folder back up - unknown error

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I’m trying to turn on "Manage folder back up" to one user and I’m still getting error.

Error code: 0x0004005


It probably happened when user was completely deleted from organization. And then created again with the same credentials. Because of this problem I made complete reinstall of notebook and now after installation the same error is still there. 

Tool from didn’t help. It is fully updated PC, last version of software. 


Do someone know how to fix this?


Thank you,


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I'm having a similar problem, I think, although the error message is different. It roughly correlates to a couple of months ago when I updated to Win 11, so ... that doesn't make me happy in an otherwise uneventful upgrade.

My problem is when I go to the "backup folders" in OneDrive. It looks like everything is backed up. But, when I click "start backup" I get "An unknown error occurred. (Error Code: 0xc02500d6). It's driving me a little nuts.
Hope someone smarter than I is out there who can resolve both of our issues.
Also, BTW, sorry to piggyback onto your help request. After 15min of searching this, I still could not find the button that allowed me to post on my own. A little frustrated, but, since we seem to have similar issues, I hope someone can help us both.