Manage Access in bulk for OneDrive Shared by Me?

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I have a very long list of Shared by me files and it is taking me forever to go through each one to remove sharing. The web UI doesn't appear to support multi-select for Manage Access but before I put my head down and take to task I thought I'd ask the community. Is there a way to select multiple files and remove sharing from them in just a few clicks? 

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I'm afraid not (at least not that I can find). I also suspect you won't be able to do this through CSOM.

@Glen Steffens,


Unfortunately, we do not have a bulk manage access feature today. If this is something you'd like to see, please create a request on UserVoice. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

Thanks Stephen...I've added my vote to this one which seems to request the same feature and has the most votes.

@Glen Steffens, that's perfect, thank you! We'll definitely keep an eye on this!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

5 years have gone and there is still no option for bulk share link cancelation, if you have shared 120 files it is huge routine work to click on every file and make cancel of sharing.

@Stephen Rice is this going to progress any further? Now that we are backing everything up in OneDrive, it turns out that multiple folders are visible to my colleagues due to a mess in the permissions. I now have to reset the permissions of each file and folder one by one. This was very easy to do before in Sharepoint with inheritance.

Hi @asalv1,


Nothing to share here at this time, but we definitely hear the feedback & need here! 


Stephen Rice

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