Mac App Store version intel only, despite version 22.089?

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The App Store version appears to be out of date, but it has been recently updated. Quite irritated at having to install Rosetta just for this app - everything else I use has been updated. Why the limitation/problem?


And no, I do not want to provide administrative credentials to install a direct download version that does lord knows what to my computer, I just want a file sync utility. I'm very happy with the functionality of OneDrive, just not sure why I'm running Intel for this since support for M1/Apple Silicon is claimed.

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Hi @wbdpublic ,


You are correct. Still, OneDrive from App store is Intel only. :(

As you said, the only way to get Silicon M1 native is to download OneDrive manually.


For those of you who want to get manually OneDrive for M1, you can read here: How to get Microsoft OneDrive for Apple silicon Macs? (