Lost my file from the desktop of my laptop because I was trying to stop One Drive

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Dear All


I lost all my Desktop files because of the one drive. 


The one drive suddenly started syncing files from the desktop, but I don not wanted that so I decided to delete the whole uploaded ones from the one drive, The one drive gave me the choice of " Deleting Online Files Only" 


this apparently means that actual data on the desktop will not be deleted,


Unfortunately, the one drive has deleted the file even from the desktop, and I have received an email saying that " if I need to restore the data they are still in the Recycle bin of the one drive. 


I was too happy for that BUT, but when I restored the files there were empty of any contents. 


I do not know what happened but I really need my very important data as soon as possible.


I have tried those data restoring software, but nothing could work. 


could anyone please help me with this very big problem ? 


please do help me because this data is for my PhD thesis which I am in my third year. 


if any could help, please send me an email at email address removed for privacy reasons 


thank you

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Hi @Mohamedam87 ,


please go to your OneDrive and check Desktop folder, see if you can locate your files. Also, check Recycle bin in the OneDrive. 


It seems like your Online files were already in OneDrive and not on your computer. (you only had shortcuts pointed to files Online).





Dear Adin


thank you very much for your information.


I have checked in the One-Drive folders and Recycle bin, But unfortunately, although all the folders were found in the recycle bin, non of them has the contents that were in before they got deleted. 


I found the folders with the exact names but contents such as ward files, Pdf, voice records and videos are not found in those folders. 


I am not sure whether they have been permanently deleted or got encrypted by the One-Drive ,,,,


If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.