Locking users access to OneDrive for Business (O365)

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Hi all,


I am running a O365 tenant consolidation exercise (comapny merger). Part of the work is to migrate the users' ODFB from source O365 tenant to destination O365 tenant. I am using SkySync for the capability to copy files and the migration is on-going for batches of users.


For users which I have done the migration, I need to ensure they do not continue to make changes to the source ODFB. This need to cover the following scenarios:

1. Owners of the ODFB cannot access (DONE, by revoking permission as site collection admin of their ODFB site)

2. Remove sharing permission given to other users


#2 is where I am stuck, as there's no options to remove all exsiting sharing hyperlinks for specific users. Option are avaialble to turn-off external sharing, but I need to also disable sharing to people within the organization.


Anyone have any ideas how to tackle this in an efficient manner?

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Take a look at this Microsoft answers thread: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_outlook/stop-sharing-all-documents-in-on... PowerShell should be your best friend here