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We have been waiting for the new OneDrive client to be released so that we can show our users the benefit of cloud storage. We have a lot of our scenarios covered for accessing and working with cloud stored data in our 365 environment but one scenario continues to be an issue. My company has a large Marketing Department that works with a lot of Pictures and Photoshop files throughout their library architecture (we don't have the opportunity to go through every file and lay out seperate libraries and associated metadata so these exist in library folders). Anyway, they need the ability to work locally on these files due to their requirement to quickly bounce from file to file while editing (often resizing images). They also manage several marketing websites where they must upload files and images using web site upload buttons that pop up a windows file explorer. Obviously, they can't directly navigate this window to sharepoint and point to their files. The simple answer from a tech perspective is to sync their library(s) to OneDrive but they have several libraries that contain a lot of data. Syncing these would overload their local storage. Is there no way to direct connect (Favorite/Mapped Drive) to their Sharepoint library. I know from IE we can view in explorer and save a favorite but that is hoakie considering the token issues that arise from that. I would welcome any recommendations in addressing this issue. Thanks.

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My two cents:

+1 for Files OnDemand option....but it's not clear to me if we will have it also for SPO Document Libraries

@Salvatore Biscari Thanks for your input. 


@Juan Carlos González Martín I would be shocked if MS actually thought forward and came out with this capability for SPO libraries in their first iteration.


It seems like every time I make progress in selling this solution to my company there is a use case where online only storage capabilities just are there from MS. 


I will have to take another look at the OneDrive Mapper powershell. It had promise at one time.

I have the same feeling...but let's dream for now we will have it after summer ^-^

Looks really good and could solve a lot of my issues. Look forward to being able to install the insider build.


But don't install insider builds on production machines, please!