Limits, OneDrive is running, really? , How to check the effective transfer speed.

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I'm new to Onedrive.
I synchronized at the highest possible speed. I have good Internet and I have never had any problems with slowness.
I'm transferring 290 GB of files to Onedrive; It's been 15 hours and I'm now at 50%.
I need help knowing:
1 - How to check if Onedrive is stopped or running?
2- How to effectively measure the speed at which it is transferring?

All questions on the Internet are answered evasively.
Can you help?
Thanks in advance

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I don't know what you mean by "synchronised at the highest possible speed".

Depending on your operating system you can check any process monitor to see if it is uploading.

Do you have capped internet? Maybe your provider is throttling your service or certain ports.
Hi Mike, Thanks for the response.
I use Windows 11 and I don't know how to check if it's loading. My Internet is 500 mbits/s.
I also don't know how to check if the provider is limiting ports.
Can you help me do this?
I inform you that Onedrive continues to report the same amount of GB transferred about 3 hours ago, without any changes.
I can't help you with any of these things without sitting at your computer to see what is going on. You'll need an onsite tech to do that.

Only you can know if your provider is shaping your internet speed - why don't you ask them?