KFM with vs without Files On Demand: Need to decide and Need Pros, Cons of each?

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We're getting ready to deploy OD4B with KFM.  There's some disagreement in my Project Team about whether to include mandatory Files On Demand (FOD) in the GPO.  With a few exceptions AFAIK disk space on laptops is not an issue with local data.  (It WILL be once we move the network personal drives to OD4B).  


AFAIK the 'M' in KFM means 'migration/move,' not 'copy'.  I also know that FOD replaces all local content with pointers to OD4B, the location(s) of which can then be managed by the users with a simple right-click.  Files no longer live locally and require internet connectivity to access unless/until changed.


What I don't know is what the specific difference would be during the initial deployment & ongoing use of OD4B with KFM if we DO NOT include FOD.  Would it be a 'copy' operation of the KFM contents to OD4B, with the status set by default to 'Locally Available?'


I'm wanting FOD, as it gives us a true authoritative and single source for user data, which they can switch back/forth as needed.  Others think there will be hand-wringing and support problems if users forget to click on a file to make it locally available on their device outside of Internet access.


All advice/suggestions/experience appreciated!

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