Issue with Onedrive for business Shortcut disappearing

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It seems that I have two users who have issues with their onedrive for business shortcuts in File Explorer disappearing.


Restarting the computer will not fix the issue, but restarting Onedrive itself will fix it.

When I checked beforehand in regedit, it looked like the registry key corresponding to their shortcut was just not there anymore.


Restarting Onedrive would rewrite the missing keys, then again, the problem would just come back a few days later.


Did anyone had similar issues in the past and managed to find a permanent fix ?

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Salut Alexandre,


Yes, I have since last week the same issue with several 'small' customers and office365 OneDrive.

Unfortunately, I have not found a permanent solution to resolve the issue, as well.


Restarting Computers sometimes brings it back for a couple of minutes, or in one case just a few seconds.

Sometimes when the synch finishes OneDrive is available until the next reboot.

Logging out and back in helped temporarily in some instances.

Completely, removing the OneDrive and adding it back again did not help.


We checked if it had to do with the latest Windows Updates but that does not seem to be the case either.


Also an uninstall and reinstall of OneDrive with the 'latest' version did not solve the problem.


I hope we soon find out, what the reason for this phenomenon  is.


Regards, Annette

@BlaLau Funnily enough, no, the three users (up to date) that complained about this issue did not have these 2 updates installed